About Vexmacare

Vexma Cares was incorporated in the year 2021, as Healthcare division of Vexma Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Vexmacare A Cost Effective & Revolutionary Medical, healthcare & safety Devices Manufacturer In India. We Offer Safe, Affordable, & portable ventilators, PAPR Systems



ERVA is an Emergency Respiratory Ventilation Apparatus. A Non Invasive (NIV) portable ventilation device to suit emergency response as well as personal care.


ERVA is an Automated Bag Valve Mask (BVM) system which provides mechanical ventilation through a highly controlled fashion. A plug and play device through minimal training, any healthcare personal can operate it.


ERVA is an Emergency Respiratory Ventilation Apparatus based on the automated BVM ventilation and available with three modes of ventilation PSV, assist control, Volume control mode & can be used on both Paediatric and adult patient with respiratory distress.


The device focuses to achieve the goals of mechanical ventilation with max patient safety. In the hour of emergency it can prove to be a vital support to patient.

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V–Flow PAPR is The India’s First PAPR Equipped With Swappable Battery. It supports convenience, a comfortable environment & safe air to the user at the workplace for different applications.


Anyone can use PAPR System(Powered Air Purifying Respirator) in industries such as pharmaceuticals & manufacturing, healthcare, welding, mining, laboratories, foundries, grinding, abatement Etc.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Dr. Nilesh Sharma

@CHL Medical Center

I recommend ERVA Ventilator device Can Be Used For patients in emergency response in Ambulances as well as this device can be used as a Backup Ventilator & transportation for ICU patients & post-operative recovery rooms. Any Healthcare personnel can use it with minimum training.

Dr. Gyanendra Pradhan

@District Hospital Ujjain

ERVA Portable Ambu bag Ventilator Device Used For Transportation of patients in between Hospital & ambulances as well as It is Backup ventilator for emergency, casualty, & Recovery rooms. It is providing Invasive & non-invasive ventilation in critical patient’s conditions. It is easy to use.

Dr. Aditya Agrawal

Professor (Anaesthesia) @PCMS & Rc, Bhopal 

ERVA Ventilator is useful for the transportation of critically ill patients in the Emergency & Casualty Department. It is low cost, Handy & easy to operate. It can be used as a backup ventilator in ambulances & hospitals.

Our Mentor

Dr Mukesh Daftary


Dr Daftary is a disciplined, dedicated achiever and visionary with excellent leadership and motivational skills and has experience of working in different verticals of healthcare for the last thirty-five years. He initiated his career as an Honorary Anesthesiologist attached to various renowned Private Hospitals & Government Hospitals in the field of General, Surgical , Neuro-Surgical , Cardiac, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Gynaecology, Obstetrics from 1982 to 2005  in India.