ERVA Transport Ventilator For Ambulance & Hospital

Emergency Transport Ventilator

ERVA Best Transport Ventilator is suitable for Patients with Covid-19 & Respiratory Diseases. It is an Emergency Respiratory Ventilation Apparatus. ERVA is a Non-Invasive (NIV) & Invasive Ventilator Device. ERVA Ventilator is Convenient for emergency as well as Personal Care.

ERVA Portable Medical Ventilator is also providing Mechanical Ventilation in Emergency Situation. It is an Automatic Bag Valve Mask (BVM) system. It is a plug & play device that can be used easily with minimal training, Any healthcare personnel can Operate easily.

ERVA Best Transport Ventilator

ERVA Ventilator can be set up easily with major parameters such as tidal Volume, Inspiration to expiration (I:E) ratio & Respiratory Rate. It has power backup for up to 8 hours & audio-visual alarms for patient safety purposes with a user-friendly & compact form factor Interface. When Manual Ambu bag & ICU Ventilators aren’t easily available ERVA Transport Ventilator can be used to save lives in an emergency situation like covid-19.

Its robust design delivers continuous airflow to patients in the Covid-19 or other respiratory-related emergencies. It also can be used with or without an oxygen in-line as per the patient’s requirement.

ERVA Transport Ventilator Key Features

Plug & Play Device

Auto Calibration

Emergency Stop



Upto 8 Hrs Power Backup

24*7 Operation


ERVA Transport Ventilator Applications

Can be used as an Emergency Device for Covid -19

Can also be used at bus stands, railway stations, airports, etc.

Can be used at home for respiratory illness Care.


Can also be used at Villages, Remote places

It can be easily placed at institutions, factories, societies.

High portability makes it suited
for Ambulance transfers.


Technical Specifications of ERVA Ventilator

Operating Specifications
Alarms & Safety


Tidal Volume
Ventilation Alarms 
Triggers Conditions 


Respiratory Rate
6-40 BPM
Exceeded PIP Pressure
P Pmax =40cmH20


I/E Ratio
1:1 – 1:4
Under Pressure
Pplateau Pplat_min= 5cmH20


Max Pressure
40 cm H2O
High Resist Pressure
PpipPplateau Presist_max = 10cmH20


Max plateau Pressure
30 cm H2O
Tidal Volume not delivered
Vfinal Vset – Vthres = 50mL


5 – 20 CM H2O
Tidal Pressure not detected
Ppeak – Ppeep Ptidal-min = 1cmH20 (2 cycles)


Power Source
230 V
Hardware Alarms
Triggers Conditions 


Ventilation Modes
Assist Control,
Volume Control,
Assist Mode
Supply Mode
When device switches from main to battery source


Internal Battery
24V DC, up to 8 Hr Backup
Battery Mode
Alarm triggers a particular intervals


20×4 LCD
Calibration Failure
Unable to calibrate the gripper arms


Main Controller
Atmel AVR 8-bit controller
Battery low
Indicates low Battery


Pressure Sensor
 Emergency Stop
Alarm triggers when emergency button is pressed


Motor Failure
If motor not functioning while calibration


LED Indicators
Ventilation in Process, Alarm trigger, Power, Battery level, Ventilation mode
Display Parameters
Respiratory Rate
I: E Ratio
Tidal Volume
Peak Inspiratory Pressure,


ERVA 1 Product Overview

ERVA 1 Ventilation Mode

ERVA 1 Set Up