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ERVA 1 Portable Ventilator Models


Features: Compatible with high & low flow air & O2 blender, control FiO2 percentage ,control parameters like VT, RR ,I:E ratio, PEEP, detect negative pressure & deliver backup ventilation to patient.

Application: ER requires hospital & ICU setup


Features: Automated ventilator with an ergonomically designed trolley, supporting arm help holding breathing circuit, O2 cylinder can move along with trolley, better portability, light-weight, one-knob controls it all

Application: ER, Homecare, Intra-hospital transfer, Casualty, Recovery, Emergency Wards.


Features: Used with ambulance mount, easy operation, 8 hours of battery backup, doesn’t need a large area for installation, compact

Application: Ambulance, ER **customize the mount as per Patient’s Need 

Model -VX1-01

Features: Ventilator with 3 modes of ventilation supporting Adult patients are Assist mode, assist control mode, Volume control mode, user friendly, economic, light-weight with audio & visual alarm, side handles allow user to carry device easily

Application: ER, Homecare, ambulance

ERVA 2 Portable Ventilator Models


Features: Ventilator with O2 blender setup providing precise FiO2, compatible with High & Low flow, PSV mode helps in weaning process, ensure user comfort

Application: ER, requires hospital setup


Features: Trolley with tube holding arm for supporting Dual limb breathing circuit, integrated with different sensors for precise outcome, volume delivers between 50-600ml, Max RR is 80 bpm, compatible with heated humidifier for pediatric patient

Application: ER, Homecare, Intra-hospital transfer


Features: Reliable for transferring patients, easy maintenance, less complex, long-run battery

Applications: Ambulance, ER


Features: Advanced, economically affordable supports both pediatric and adult patient, ventilation modes available are PSV, assist control, Volume control, Max PIP is 50 cmH2O, PEEP control through electronic exhalation valve

Applications: ER, Homecare, ambulance, Casualty, Recovery rooms, and Emergency wards.

V Flow PAPR Model


Features: Protect against hazardous, gaseous & vaporous air particles for prolonged hours, Reusable components and replaceable filters or cartridges, Provides eye protection

Application: Industries such as Pharmaceuticals & manufacturing, Healthcare, Welding, mining, laboratories, Foundries, Grinding, Abatement