V-Flow Pro

Powered Air Purifying Respirator

V-Flow Pro PAPR is a revolutionary respiratory device that combines comfort, performance, and safety in one product.

  • Designed to protect users
  • Device features a compact and lightweight design
  • Easy to wear and use for extended periods
  • High-performance filter system
  • Maximum protection against harmful airborne particles.




Equipped with a powerful blower motor, this respirator delivers a constant flow of filtered air to the user, creating a positive pressure environment that keeps out harmful contaminants. The ergonomic design ensures comfort during prolonged use, while the adjustable headgear provides a secure fit for various head sizes. The V Flow PAPR is ideal for use in healthcare facilities, industrial settings, and other environments where respiratory protection is essential. Trust in the V Flow PAPR to safeguard your respiratory health and breathe with confidence.




V-Flow Pro Key Features

User-friendly, Compact, Light-Weight

Upto 10 Hours

Low battery alarm & low flow alarm

Delivers steady filtered
air-flow 130-270 Ipm


Automatic flow control

Ergonomic fit




V-Flow Pro Applications

Safe breathing at work: V-Flow PAPR is essential for workers in various settings where air quality can be hazardous, protecting them from airborne contaminants and maintaining their respiratory health for long working hours.


Virology Labs

Welding / Grinding

Chemical Industries

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing





Technical Specifications

Airflow Adjustable 130 Ipm – 270 lpm
Operating Time Upto 10 Hours
Charging Time 3 – 4 hrs
Weight 1 Kg ( including battery )
Comfort Belt Adjustable 700 mm – 1400 mm
Battery 12v, 11Ah
Filters Particulate, Gas, Combination with DIN 40 Thread
Hose Pipe Length  740 mm
Hose Pipe material PVC
Decibel Max 63 db
Blower Dimensions 49 mm x 152 mm x 77 mm
Battery Dimension  128 mm x 89 mm x 52 mm
Hood Material Tyveck, Tychem, PVC
Harmonised Standards EN 12941.1998, EN 149: OOH, EN 14387:2004
CE Directive 89/686/EEC
Dust & Water Protection EN 60529 code IPS3
Intrinsic Safety EN S00J4, EN 50281 and EN502B1 (EEx ib IIB T3 and II 2 G D)